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Why Discipline Exclusions Are Ineffective, And What To Do Instead – Practical Classroom Management Strategies That Work

Office referrals can escalate student misbehavior, yet you can’t just ignore disruptions! Learn five classroom management strategies to keep your students in class and teach them to correct their own misbehavior. Take-aways include:

  • How to avoid power struggles with students that can escalate into office referrals and exclusions
  • Strategies for creating a classroom environment that supports the development of positive behavior in all students
  • How to set effective behavior limits without punishing or being authoritarian
  • How to be consistent and fair with all students, regardless of background

Participants will receive a reference guide packed with strategies to implement immediately.

Katrina Ayres

Katrina Ayres

Positive Teaching Strategies

Session Materials

Age Level Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Focus Classroom Management, Equity, School-wide or District- wide Systems, Tier 1/School wide
Knowledge of PBIS or RTI Any