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What’s the Function? Identifying Challenging Behaviors: Impacts in the Early Childhood and Elementary Classroom

Challenging behaviors are often caused by environmental events (Carr & Wilder, 2003), and can take on many forms and functions. A function-based behavior assessment helps identify patterns of behavior in the classroom, the relationship between the environment and behavior, and analyzes potential “rewards” or outcomes of the challenging behavior (Mueller & Nkosi, 2009). Accurately describing the behavior’s form and function gives direction to function-based interventions which allows for improved changes in behavior frequency, magnitude, and intensity overtime. This session will cover function-based approaches to recognizing behaviors to target, analyzing behavior outcomes, and ensuring the intervention aligns with the student’s needs.

Sloan Storie

University of Oregon

Allaina Douglas

Session Materials

Age Level Early childhood, Elementary School
Focus Classroom Management, Early Childhood
Knowledge of PBIS or RTI Intermediate