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What Happens After You Drink the Kool-Aid?: An Introduction to Implementation of PBIS

So, you drank the Kool-Aid and want to implement PBIS, now what? Who leads the work? How do you build commitment? How do you work smarter, not harder? How do you avoid confusion, anxiety, resistance, frustration, and false starts along the way? Using the PBIS Implementation Blueprint as a guide, we will discuss the science, stages, and drivers of successful implementation; sharing effective strategies and tools, as well as lessons learned, from a district implementing PBIS in all K-12 schools.

Mara Lynaugh

Mara Lynaugh

Hood River County School District

Session Materials

Age Level Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Focus Coaching, Leadership and Policy, School-wide or District- wide Systems
Knowledge of PBIS or RTI Any