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Keynote 2019: Supporting Student Success

To support success for ALL students, we must:

  • embrace change,
  • build healthy relationships, and
  • practice data-based decision-making.
  • This keynote address will explore these three strategies through an applied research perspective and examples from the field.

Ms. Todd, M. S., is a Senior Research Assistant at the University of Oregon. She taught in elementary classrooms and was the lead teacher for students who had severe cognitive delays. Teaching adults became a passion as her work shifted to research and instruction focusing on special education instructional design and teaching practices. Her work has contributed to the development of training materials, tools and interventions being used in schools across the world including materials for Tiers I, II, and III implementation that focus on systems, evidence-based practices and the use of data. She has co-authored 16 book chapters, 45 peer reviewed journal articles, and training materials that move research into practice. Most recently, Ms. Todd’s research and training contributions focus on using data for progress monitoring and decision-making. Team-Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) is an evidence based decision-making model developed for team use.

Anne Todd

Anne Todd

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