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Helping students DO what they KNOW

Have you heard yourself or others say, “They know the rules. They’re just… (fill in the blank)”? It can get very frustrating and discouraging dealing with the same students around the same issues. It becomes very tempting to conclude the student is just lazy, disrespectful, etc. and lower our expectations or worse, up our ante on the discipline. What if we have more power in the situation than we realize? What if we could impact that student’s life in a way that fundamentally alters core beliefs in a constructive manner? The answers lie in understanding the unique functions of the three brains, the dynamics of interpersonal neurobiological development, and the application of this knowledge to daily interactions.

Lisa Sequeira M.A.

Triangle Lake Charter School

Session Materials

Age Level All Levels
Focus Collaborative Problem Solving, Restorative Justice, Social Emotional Learning, Trauma Informed Practice
Knowledge of PBIS or RTI Any