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An Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving: Children do well if they Can

Children with challenging and maladaptive behavior often lack some crucial skills in the areas of frustration tolerance, adaptability/flexibility, and problem solving. Or they have difficulty applying these skills when most needed. They may have a host of mental health, cognitive or language based challenges underlying their struggles. The CPS model effectively identifies what skills a child is lacking and trains/teaches these skills through a collaborative process in increments the child can handle developmentally. This collaborative process helps adult caregivers pursue expectations, reduce challenging behavior, teach skills and gather information with an empathetic rather than punitive stance.

Jake Slodki

Bend La Pine School District - Cascade Middle School

Shannon Purgerude

Session Materials

Age Level All Levels
Focus Collaborative Problem Solving, Restorative Justice, Trauma Informed Practice
Knowledge of PBIS or RTI Any